CLUBTAN's booking machine

Exclusive patented membership system

At CLUBTAN, we take pride in our unique patented membership system, managed by our booking kiosk. Here, you can both reserve and pay for your tanning sessions.

The Membership System

Skin type analysis

When you book a sunbed session, our system will automatically scan your skin type and advise you on the ideal treatment time. In this way, we ensure that you receive an effective treatment tailored to your skin type.

PreSun Lotion - directly to your hand

We offer our own patented lotion dispenser in each booth. When you book a tanning session, you have the option to add a PreSun lotion to your booking. The lotion is dispensed directly in the tanning booth, eliminating the hassle of remembering a bottle from home. The PreSun lotion helps optimize your tan and nourishes the skin, prolonging the lifespan of your color.


As a unique offer at CLUBTAN, members can enjoy unlimited tanning on a subscription for only 169 kr. per month, automatically deducted via PBS. No more need to remember cash or tanning cards, simply sign up for the system, and you can enjoy CLUBTAN's tanning booths every other day, valued at 70 kr.

Payment methods and change

At CLUBTAN, tanning guests can pay with cash, cards, and MobilePay. If you pay with cash and give more than the required amount, your money won't be lost as in "the good old days." The extra payment is credited to your user account and can be used during your next visit. If you don't already have.