Tanning beds & technology


Tanning adapted to your skin

Tanning adapted to your skin

CLUBTAN's tanning beds are specifically designed for the Danish skin type, resulting in improved results when using our tanning beds. We understand the importance of skin type variations globally, so it's essential to use the tanning beds designed with your specific skin type in mind.

Unique equipment

Tanning beds and Technology

Developing tanning beds tailored to specific skin types can be more cost-intensive, but at CLUBTAN, we believe that happy and satisfied customers are the best business strategy. We have been involved in the development of all the tanning equipment used in CLUBTAN, and you won't find similar equipment at our competitors.

All our equipment and fixtures are developed with the motto: 'Nothing is accidental, only perfection is good enough!' We are convinced that you will notice this difference when you visit a CLUBTAN store.