Healthy sunbathing

Enjoy the rays of life, and save up on sunscreen. Have wondered about something all week: Have the cancer society lost their mind? In a country where the rain pours down, they use the their collected contributions make a “sun warning” system for SMS and email. Every day I receive personal directives about how many seconds I have to be in the sun and how much sunscreen I should apply if I were silly enough to sunbathe!!! This is to lower the risk of skin cancer, they write. is the worry-site where the cancer society promotes for a gigantic consumption of sunscreens, which by many is suspected to be carcinogenic, because of hormone stimulants.

Hysterical warnings

When summer finally arrives, they command me not to exceed one and a half hours in the sun, and to apply at least a 1/5 of an ordinary bottle of sunscreen with SPF4. And besides, they say, I should put on my hat or cap,a long-sleeved shirt, take an umbrella or parasol and stay in the shade and eat my lunch indoors. Sand, sea and beach – they are not welcome because of radiation exposure. Good-bye joy, pleasure and well-being.

But luckily they also write, I should not forget my common sence. So that I will…An my common sence whispers in my ear; Just because the cancer society has lost theirs common sence, I am still here. At least the manafactors of sunscreen is benefitting from the insane sun warnings.

Is skin cancer healthy..?

The threat of skin cancer is very scary for the general public, and the last years’ campaigns against sunbathing has become intense. Let us look into some electronic facts related to skin cancer. The Danish cancer organisation informs that the survival rate 5 years after skin cancer diagnosis is 104 percent for both sexes. It is 109 percent for men and 107 for women after 10 years.”skin cancer patients have lower mortality rates when compared with the rest of the Danish population of the same sex and age. Does this mean that skin cancer is healthy and life sustaining? And why all these steps agaist sunbathing, when, for example. only about 50 percent of all breast cancer patients stay alive after 10 years, and only one in four stays alive after suffering from prostate cancer? And why is this glorification of sunscreens, which are suspected being hormone disturbing and carcinogenic?

It all seems irrational. And provides the ground for questioning!

Life Necessary rays

The common sense conclusion: Everything in moderation. You don’t stop to drink water or take a swim in the sea because you can drown by the copious amounts of water. “Sunshine – here we come!”

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