The sun is our terrestrial star, its radiant light is not only the cause of life on Earth but also the reason why you can read these words right now.


The Miracle of Life

In our busy everyday lives, we often forget that life on Earth is a miracle of epic proportions. Although our understanding of the universe is limited, we know that it is vast, dark, and incredibly cold.

The Sun: Earth's Energy Source

Our beautiful planet is a miracle of the solar system. Thanks to the moon, which has kept the Earth in place for thousands of years, life has had the opportunity to develop. Our distance from the sun allows sunlight to fill us with energy and keeps our irreplaceable water in liquid form. 

In short, the sun is the foundation of all life on our planet.

CLUBTAN: The Joy of the Sun in Your Life

Peter Laursen did not have all this in mind when he decided to open a tanning salon on Nørregade in Grenaa in 1995.
But he noticed something important: people became happier when they had a healthy tan. It seemed like there was a direct correlation between mood and color. And guess what? He was right.

CLUBTAN was born from this simple yet powerful insight. We strive to bring the joy of the sun into your life and help you achieve the healthy tan that makes you happy. 

Welcome to CLUBTAN 
- your personal ray of sunshine in everyday life!

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Life is a miracle in a vast, dark, and cold universe.

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The rhythm of the sun and the moon is the foundation of all life on our planet.

"For most creatures, light creates activity and energy, while darkness leads to stagnation and passivity.

This is knowledge that the healthcare system has used for many years, and today, both physical and mental disorders are treated with light therapy.

At CLUBTAN, we are proud to contribute to this important work.

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There is a connection
between tan and mood.

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Demanding standards of quality have created CLUBTAN.

Towards a Nationwide Chain

What started as a single tanning shop in Grenaa soon grew to many. During this growth phase, Peter Laursen took an unconventional approach. Instead of adapting the businesses to available locations, he developed manuals and systems that ensured a high and consistent standard.

With Peter's uncompromising focus on aesthetics, systematic approach, and hygiene, his business quickly became known as the most attractive in the industry. 

Inquiries began pouring in from businessmen across the country who wanted to be part of the concept. Before we knew it, the first franchisees became part of the CLUBTAN family.

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Benefit from the natural source of vitamin D instead of hiding away.

Seriousness and Nuanced Care

CLUBTAN was the first in Denmark to develop and launch a skin type scanner that helps our customers receive a correct and gentle treatment every day. Lotions have also played a crucial role in our approach. 

Before a tanning session, CLUBTAN offers a PreSun lotion that helps the skin produce more pigment, making your minutes under the sun more effective.

After a tanning session, an Aloe Vera-based cream is offered, deeply moisturizing the skin and ensuring an even effect and a longer-lasting glow. Peter himself has been responsible for the development of these creams.

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CLUBTAN's skin type scanner suggests treatment for different skin types.

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Take care of your skin both before and after you absorb vitamin D.

Self-Service with Monitoring

CLUBTAN's high standards of design, cleanliness, and tube replacement have resulted in a large and loyal customer base. Our ambition is to continue developing ideas and products that can maintain and enhance CLUBTAN's innovative and aesthetic advantage.

Many of our cabins are equipped with an AirShower system that helps counteract humid skin with an effective, cooling air column after your tanning session.

In 2007, CLUBTAN reached a major milestone with the opening of our 100th store in Esbjerg. Today, we have 150 CLUBTAN stores, and our sunny journey continues.

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CLUBTAN's hotline provides answers and advice when you need it.

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The story of sunshine continues.
...even beyond Denmark.