Sun with vitamins

We get the biggest amount of vitamin D from the sun, and the latest research shows that the body is able to take advantage of this sun vitamin to fight diseases like cancer, osteoporosis and multiple sclerosis.

We know that vitamin D protects against breast cancer and colon cancer. We also know that over a half of the Northern European population suffers from vitamin D deficiency, especially during winter months. And in addition we know that people, who use tanning salons regularly, have about twice as much vitamin D compared to those who do not. These are all scientifically proven facts.

Based on the above, it is possible to suggest that moderate use of tanning may contribute to fewer cases of cancer, especially when we talk about breast and bowel cancer. We are witnessing how more and more skin researchers beginning to question whether it is healthy to stay away from the sun, due to the fact that a lack of vitamin D can lead to a far more dangerous outcome than a few extra wrinkles you might develop.

So is it really easy?

A little time in the sun and a good diet are enough to ensure sufficient level of vitamin D in the body. If this is so easy, why then more than a half of the Northern European population suffer from vitamin D deficiency?

The answer is that we get most of our vitamin D from the sun and the natural sun is not strong enough for the body to produce vitamin D from October to April.

Milk and fish are naturally high in vitamin D, but we all need to drink about 3 liters of milk and eat a lot of fish every day just to get nearly sufficient levels of vitamin D. While a short visit to a tanning bed every other week will cover your needs for vitamin D throughout the winter.

Tanning in itself is not dangerous, but it is dangerous to get sunburned.

With the right equipment and the right knowledge you can avoid sunburn, therefore benefitting from the sun’s good qualities without running any particular risks.

Cancer Society should perhaps put some extra effort to provide an unbiased education on how to avoid the direct causes of skin cancer, including sunburn.

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