Responsibility and rules of conduct
Any form of treatment is at your own risk. We recommend that the indicative times from skin type scanning are followed. The indicative time provided by the system is no guarantee that sunburn can’t occur. It is up to each user to use common sense when choosing a treatment. Rules and guidelines given by CLUBTAN Sun & Wellness must be followed including instructions and reprimands given by the staff.

You must at all times behave in a way so you will not unnecessarily bother other costumers. You should always clean the solarium and cabin that you have used. Any violation of regulations will lead to immediate dismissal and cancellation of membership. CLUBTAN Sun & Wellness bears no responsibility for injuries as a result of accidents or other member’s actions. In addition, Danish law of damages in the area apply.

Use storage and disclosure of personal data
The information provided is used to create user account / subscription and kept strictly confidential. The user agrees that the information provided may be used in connection with commercial marketing campaigns for CLUBTAN. The information is not directed to 3rd party. You are entitled to know what personal information we store about you. If the information stored about you is incorrect, you have the right to have this changed. Inquiry about this can be done at Read the full cookie and privacy policy here: Cookie- & Privacy Policy.

Users and guests bring any valuables at their own risk. CLUBTAN Sun & Wellness bears no responsibility for losses in the event of lost property, theft and / or damage to users and guest property or valuables.

User Account
A user account is ONLY valid in the local studio where it is created, and not in other CLUBTAN studios. When creating a user account, the treatment price is paid using either cash or by credit / debit card. Excess funds are kept in the user account for future bookings/treatments.

User Registration
Users need to login on each visit. This is done by carrying out a scan of the user’s biometric finger topology. If a user, for various reasons cannot login using the fingerprint, then logging in can be done with the username and password, which is sent via SMS. Logging in with a personal code does not provide access to Low Cost subscriptions.

Low cost subscription
The subscription is valid only in the studio where it is created. Free sun means that you can book a treatment for a maximum of 70 DKK with an interval of at least 48 hours. The subscription is personal and should not be used by anyone other than the member herself / himself, and log in with fingerprint is necessary.

Price og Payment
For the payment of low cost subscription will be conducted as follows:
• Payment for the rest of the month (If your subscription was created on September 20th, you must pay for the last 10 days until September, 30th).
• Then 139/159/179 DKK per month (depending on the subscription chosen)
• After the binding period, the price is DKK 179/159/139 per. month (depending on the subscription chosen)
• If lotion is added to the subscription, the payment is DKK 20 extra per month.

On creation of a LOW COST subscription, payment is made by credit card for the period from the creation to the “Betalingsservice” takes over. This is so the subscription can start immediately. The days in the rest of the creation month do not count in the binding period. Thereafter the monthly payment is automatically deducted via “Betalingsservice” from the subscriber’s bank account at the beginning of each calendar month. If payment cannot be made via “Betalingsservice”, it will be deducted from the credit card.
CLUBTAN Sun & Wellness reserves the right to change the price with 30 days notice. There cannot be price changes in the minimum period. Price changes will be notified by E-mail or SMS.

Binding period
The subscription has a binding period of 1/3/6 months (depending on the subscription plan chosen) and the subscription is therefore unstoppable for the first 1/3/6 calendar months. OBS: The subscription will not be terminated automatically after the binding period, unless it is canceled with the current notice. It is not possible, for whatever reason, to receive partial or total refund of prepaid subscriptions.

The subscription can be cancelled at any time with a notice in the current month + 30 days, however it can not be effectuated until the expiry of the agreed minimum BINDING period. The termination must be done at the booking machine in the studio. The cancellation of the subscription is done by activating the button “Stop low cost subscription” under “edit user”. When termination is in force all user data on the bank account and social security number (CPR) is erased from the system. Subscriptions created online can also be terminated online after login with your e-mail address and the activation code sent upon creation.

Responsibility and liability
When creating a low-cost subscription, the subscriber confirms that he or she is an adult or has the consent of a guardian to enter into a subscription agreement.  The subscription agreement is made with CLUBTAN’s head office “Unicore Development ApS”. Since the subscription is a service that can be used immediately, the discontinuation right lapses and the subscription will continue until terminated according to the following.
The agreement is unstoppable for the minimum period chosen. It is always the subscriber’s responsibility to ensure that their user profile is associated with a valid bank account and credit / debit card. If it is not possible to withdraw funds either via “Betalingsservice” or credit / debit card then the subscription is inactive until payment is made. The subscription has be paid up until it is correctly canceled. If there is invalid card or account information, the system will automatically ask for updated CPR and bank account to make “Betalingsservice” agreement and/or credit/debit card immediately after login.

Proof of payment shown in the balance overview below User Information