The first CLUBTAN shop

The first CLUBTAN shop opened its doors in 2001. Only 6 years later, the launch of the 100th center marked an important milestone. CLUBTAN today is one of the fastest growing franchise chains with proven economic success.


Are you passionate about creating your own successful business? Do you know the value of a thorough and successful concept based on a strong brand, quality, knowledge and professionalism? Do you dream of financial success, backed up by know-how? Would you like to be a partner in one of the fastest growing franchise chains?


Our business model is based on the ‘personnel-free tanning salon’ concept. The salons are owned and operated by an individual owner, but serviced centrally by the franchisor. Your efforts at CLUBTAN® can easily  be combined with other occupations, so keeping your main job will not a problem.


Within CLUBTAN chain, each studio is owned by an independent person – a franchisee, who is accountable to the central administration and adheres to the CLUBTAN quality standard.
This ownership structure ensures that each studio is under close supervision by the franchisee and also the CLUBTAN administration, and it guarantees regular lamp replacements, service and maintenance of tanning beds and equipment, as well as daily quality checks.

Membership System

At CLUBTAN we have our own unique proprietary membership system, which is controlled by a membership kiosk (booking machine) where you both book and pay for tanning sessions.

Skin type scanner

Every time you book an hour of tanning you get an automatic skin type scan and receive guidance on the appropriate treatment time. In this way we help tanning guests get an effective and gentle treatment, based on their particular skin type.

PreSun & AfterSun lotion – directly at hand

We have our own patented cream dispenser in cabins. Tan accelerating lotion is offered upon booking a tanning session.

Clients receive tan accelerating lotion inside a tanning cabin, which helps them to avoid the hassle of having to remember to bring a tube from home. Sun accelerating lotion ensures that clients get more color and preserves it longer.

Free tan on subscription

For  CLUBTAN members it is possible to sign up fo an “Unlimited Tanning” subscription with no binding agreement.  We put an end to cash or tanning cards, since all customers need to do is to sign up by setting up a user profile. With the easy fingerprint based login, customers can use our tanning beds as much as they want and whenever they want (limited to certain quotas due to safety restrictions). We automatically withdraw the payment by direct debit.

VISA and change money

CLUBTAN also accepts all credit cards and cash payments. If you decide to pay with cash and overpay, you won’t get your change back. However, the change will automatically be transferred to your profile, so it can be used during the next visit.

Take an “air shower”

At CLUBTAN we put an end to overheating after a TANNING SESSION! We have invented the ‘Air Shower’, which is a patented CLUBTAN technology.

Air Shower ‘washes’ you with a cool air, blowing out of the ceiling, which switches on automatically as soon as a tanning session is over. Simply stand at the designated place on the floor and enjoy “a cool shower”.

Sun for your skin

CLUBTAN’s tanning beds are designed for the Caucasian skin type, therefore CLUBTAN allows you to achieve a better tanning result.

There is a big difference between skin types in the world, and it is important that you use tanning beds, which are designed for your specific skin type. It is definitely more expensive to develop tailored tanning beds, but at CLUBTAN we think it pays off, because we aim to have happy and satisfied customers.

Unique equipment

At CLUBTAN we have developed all the tanning equipment ourselves, which it is not to be found elsewhere. All equipment and fixtures were developed with the vision and  objective to make sure that ‘nothing is random and only perfection is good enough!’. We are confident that our customers will feel the difference when using CLUBTAN Sun & Wellness centers.

Visibility is the key

Nothing is left to chance at CLUBTAN. It is important to be visible, to be seen and heard. But it is also important that CLUBTAN marketing effort works. Therefore, we use market analysis from Megafon, which provides insight into our clients’ expectations, desires and satisfaction.

We offer a range of marketing material: advertising in local newspapers, eye-catching posters, window stickers and banners to light up and decorate your facade, clothing, flyers and a lot more. All of this you can find and directly order on the chain’s intranet, which all franchise partners have direct access to.

We will stand out

Branding and credibility is our raison d’être. It is obvious to us that we distinguish ourselves strongly from our competitors.

CLUBTAN products

At CLUBTAN we have unique CLUBTAN-solariums, CLUBTAN-chair, CLUBTAN hygiene module, CLUBTAN-AIRSHOWER etc. CLUBTAN can not be copied, there is no other business, which can offer the same products and, for that matter, sell our ‘products’. Only CLUBTAN business offers CLUBTAN tanning, and we therefore offer an exclusive product no one else can offer. All our products are design or patent protected.

Attractive interior and atmosphere of pampering

We recognize that tanning in attractive surroundings is a great pleasure. From the moment clients enter a CLUBTAN Sun and Wellness center they arrive to an oasis of indulgence with climate controlled environment, relaxing music and pleasant scent.

We use unique interior design

To ensure a exclusive and cohesive  interior design, CLUBTAN has developed an inventory system helps to create an aesthetic and functional design of high quality.

Beautifully designed and easy to assemble

Inventory system is composed of individual elements that make the system extremely flexible. It is removable and it allows to easily replace individual elements. The system also includes integrated ventilation, avoiding visible pipes.

Front materials are made of melamine, that is sturdy and durable. At the same time it is easy to clean in order to maintain the high standards of hygiene.

A unique profile

A unique and diversified profile is created to signal the credibility and professionalism which is the hallmark of CLUBTAN.

We are with you all the way

CLUBTAN has developed a concept that works. The cooperation starts when a commercial agreement with a franchise partner is in place. The location and structure of each center are designed in close cooperation with CLUBTAN. Throughout the construction phase CLUBTAN is available full time.

Is it you we are looking for?

It takes the right attitude and discipline to be a part of a national plan. Additionally, it requires an equity capital of £ 59,000. You get 100% startup aid, 100% financing assistance and a projected EBITDA of min. £ 70,000 early.


Fill in the form and start a dialogue with CLUBTAN. Get information about becoming a franchisee. Also, feel free to fill in the form if you simply would like to learn more about our brand, concept and the way we do things at CLUBTAN – you will receive our info brochure.

We look forward to hearing from you, and to starting a profitable collaboration!

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