Visibility is key

Visibility is key

Nothing is left to chance at CLUBTAN. We believe in the importance of being visible, noticed, and heard. But it is also crucial that our visibility strategy for CLUBTAN yields the desired results. Therefore, we use market analyses from Megafon, which provide us with a deep understanding of our tanning customers' expectations, desires, and satisfaction.


Strategic visibility in CLUBTAN

We understand the importance of visibility, being noticed, and getting our message out there. But it is equally important that our marketing and visibility efforts for CLUBTAN are effective. That is why we utilize market analysis from Megafon, which provides us with insights into our tanning customers' expectations, desires, and satisfaction levels. We offer a wide range of marketing materials, with a strong focus on social media. We also provide options for advertisements in local newspapers, flyers, and more. In our newest stores, we have information screens in the windows to attract attention, as well as an attractive facade design.