User/subscription terms

Tanning treatments in a CLUBTAN shop, and any other service provided by CLUBTAN are at your own risk. We recommend that you follow our recommended session times to avoid an over exposure and/or sunburn. The recommended session times provided by the system, however, are no guarantee that sunburn cannot occur. It is up to the individual user to use common sense when choosing your own tanning session time. CLUBTAN uses ultra-violet and/or infra-red sunbeds. All CLUBTAN sunbeds are manufactured in accordance with the relevant 0.3W/m2 regulation and the sunbeds are inspected by a qualified CLUBTAN technician annually. A service certificate for each sunbed is available in each cabin in your CLUBTAN shop.

Rules and guidelines established by CLUBTAN must always be followed, including all customer and user instructions which may apply to your specific local CLUBTAN shop.
• You must be above 18 years of age to enter a CLUBTAN shop and/or use our indoor tanning services.
• You must always clean the solarium and the cabin before and after use.
• No more than 1 person is allowed in each cabin. You must always behave in a way that does not unduly bother other customers

Any violation of the rules of conduct and/or failure to follow CLUBTANs rules and guidelines in the shop can lead to immediate cancellation of your membership and thus impact your ability to use CLUBTANs facilities. CLUBTAN does not take responsibility for personal injuries to a member resulting from accidents or actions/negligence of their own or other members.

CLUBTAN does not take responsibility for personal injuries to a user or guest resulting from accidents or actions/negligence of their own or other visitors.
Furthermore, Danish compensation law in the field is followed.

The data which you provide during signup of a membership is kept strictly confidential. You understand and accept that the data, which you provide, may be used in connection with commercial marketing campaigns for CLUBTAN. The information is not disclosed to 3rd parties. You have the right to know which data CLUBTAN has registered and stored about you. If the information which CLUBTAN has registered and stored about you is incorrect, you have the right to have this information changed. Inquiries on the information registered and stored about you, can be made by sending an email to post@clubtan.net. Access and read CLUBTANs Cookie and Privacy Policy here: Cookie & Privacy Policy

As a member of CLUBTAN, you bring your valuables at your own risk.
CLUBTAN does not bear any responsibility for loss in the case of forgotten items, theft and/or damage to the valuables and belongings of members in a CLUBTAN shop.

Your member profile is ONLY valid in the CLUBTAN store in which it was created. When buying a tanning session in a CLUBTAN shop using your member profile, you can pay with cash or with credit card.

Members must be registered during each visit. When you register yourself as a member in a CLUBTAN shop, we perform a digital age verification to ensure that you are above 18 years of age. CLUBTAN does not allow anyone below 18 years of age to enter our shops. Once you have signed up as a member and subscriber in the shop, we will register your individual fingerprint by scanning your biometric fingertip topology. This fingerprint will be used to facilitate and ease your future logins. If, for any reason, you cannot login using this fingerprint, registration can take place using a personal code, which is sent via SMS. Logging in with a personal code does not, however, provide access to CLUBTANs UNLIMITED TANNING subscription.

The subscription is only valid in the CLUBTAN shop in which it is created. UNLIMITED TANNING implies that you have access to tanning sessions at the value of £12 each with a minimum interval of 40 hours between each session. The subscription is personal and may not be used by anyone else.

For the payment of UNLIMITED TANNING on subscription, the following amount will be deducted when it is set up:
• Payment for the rest of the month (if the subscription is created on September 20th, payment is required for the last 10 days up to September 30th).
• Thereafter £28 per month.
• If lotion is chosen as an addition, £3 will be added to the monthly payment.

When you register for your UNLIMITED TANNING subscription, your credit card will immediately be charged for the remaining days of the month - This to ensure that you can start using your subscription immediately after the completion of your registration process. After that, the monthly subscription fee will be automatically deducted via your credit card at the beginning of each calendar month. If the payment cannot be processed via credit card, you will be prompted to update your payment details by email and/or to pay the outstanding amount when you physically turn up at the CLUBTAN shop where you have registered your UNLIMITED TANNING subscription.
CLUBTAN reserves the right to change the price of your UNLIMITED TANNING subscription with a 30 days' notice. Price changes are communicated via email or SMS.

Your UNLIMITED TANNING subscription has no binding period beyond the cancellation notice period.
The subscription continues until it is cancelled with the applicable cancellation notice period of the current month + 30 days. It is not possible, regardless of the reason, to receive a partial or total refund for prepaid subscriptions.

Your UNLIMITED TANNING subscription can be canceled at any time with a notice of the current month + 30 days. The cancellation must be done via the booking machine, where cancellation of the subscription occurs by activating the 'Stop UNLIMITED TANNING' button under the 'Subscription' section, which you can find under 'My CLUBTAN'.
Once the cancellation takes effect, all your payment data will be deleted from the system. Subscriptions can also be cancelled online HERE after logging in with email and the activation code, which you were given when you initially signed up for the subscription. If you have lost your activation code, you can press the 'Forgot code' button and we will send you the code by SMS or email.

Upon signing up for the UNLIMITED TANNING subscription, as a subscriber you confirm that you are above 18 years of age. Your subscription is based on a legal agreement entered into with the legal entity that owns the local CLUBTAN shop in which the subscription is active. The collection of the subscription payment takes place via CLUBTANs joint payment system, which is administered by CLUBTAN's head office in Denmark. Since the subscription is a service that can be used immediately after completion of the registration, the right of withdrawal is forfeited, and the subscription continues until it is terminated in accordance with the rules set out above. It is always the responsibility of the individual subscriber to ensure that valid payment information is linked to the subscription agreement; if it is not possible to draw the recurring monthly subscription payments, the subscription becomes inactive until the payment is processed and received.
The subscription will continue until it is cancelled with the current cancellation notice period. In the event of invalid payment details or in the case of a failed creation of a direct debit agreement, the system will automatically request an update of your payment details immediately after login.

The receipt for payment can be found in the balance overview, which is located under 'My CLUBTAN'.