Hvis du ikke allerede har en brugerprofil kan du nemt og hurtigt oprette en på vores automat, som står i alle CLUBTAN forretninger.

Should you have any questions regarding You are very welcome to the subscription contact us, but before you call you should check our “Frequently Asked Questions” below or read the terms and conditions HERE



You can sign up either at the booking kiosk in the store or online.


New front page on the booking machine?
If there's a new layout on the screen, you just press the front page image with the subscription price and then follow the flow – it's that simple. 

Old front page on the booking machine:
When creating an account at the CLUBTAN store, select 'Create User' on the booking kiosk. If you are already a member, log in and on the screen where you choose the tanning booth, press 'Get UNLIMITED TANNING subscription - press here' in the top right corner.


Go to SIGN UP page and fill out the form – This applies whether you are a new customer or have had a subscription before. If there is a current subscription, you will receive a notification about this.

After registration, you will receive an email and SMS with an activation code that you will need to use at the booking kiosk in the store.
If you already have a user account at the store, you need to log in first and enter the activation code under UNLIMITED TANNING. Please refer to the instructions in the email.

You log in to your current user account at the store and press the circle in the top right corner with the text 'Get UNLIMITED TANNING subscription - press here.' Then, simply follow the instructions.


We are currently developing a new graphical user interface, which is why we are beta-testing it in selected stores.

As a result, you will now experience that purchasing and activating a subscription is done directly from the homepage, and access to your user profile is located under 'My CLUBTAN' behind the three lines in the top right corner. Language can also be changed there.

If you experience any issues, please don't hesitate to contact the hotline. We will be grateful to hear your feedback so that any remaining minor issues can be addressed before rolling out to all stores.

You can pay with Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, and Mastercard debit.