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Would you like to stop receiving our exclusive offers and news via SMS? Unsubscribe from our service online.


You will notice that purchasing and activating a subscription now takes place directly from the homepage, and access to your user profile is now located under 'My CLUBTAN' behind the three lines in the upper right corner. You can also change the language there.



Press on the front image displaying the subscription price and then follow the flow - it's as simple as that. 


Go to CLUBTAN's Signup page and fill out the form - This applies whether you are a new customer or have had a subscription before. If there is a current subscription, you will receive a notification about it.

After registration, you will receive an email and SMS with an activation code that you need to use on the booking machine in the store.
Enter the activation code after pressing the 'Activate subscription' bar. Then, choose whether you already have a user profile or not. See the instructions in the email.

See the instructions in the email


You need to activate your FRI SOL subscription at the booking kiosk in the store.

See the instructions HERE


Press on the front page image with FRI SOL.
You are now being asked if you already have a user. Choose 'Yes log in' and create a new subscription.

You can also create a new subscription online HERE and you will receive an activation code and instructions by email.

You can always purchase, cancel, or view information about your subscription by going to ‘My CLUBTAN’ behind the burger menu in the top right corner and selecting the ‘Subscription’ option.


You can pay with VISA and Mastercard.


The account number should contain 10 digits. If the back of your credit card only has, for example, 7 digits in your account number, you need to insert 000 in front of the account number.


You will receive an activation code via email and SMS when you create a subscription online. If you can't find the email in your inbox, please check your spam or junk folder. The sender will be

You can also click forgot activation code here: CLUBTAN's Signup page and you will receive the activation code by email again.


If payment for your subscription has failed or your card has become invalid, you will be asked to update your card information.

During the registration process, a Payment Service agreement is also created for backup payment in case your card becomes invalid and is not updated. If the Payment Service agreement cannot be set up, the system will prompt you to update your account number and CPR number again. Please note that certain types of accounts do not allow for Payment Service, such as being under 18 years old or being listed in the RKI (a Danish credit rating system). It will also fail if an account is used that does not match your CPR number. If the system keeps asking you to update your account information and CPR number, you can select "Update on next visit" and proceed with the booking.

Even if you update your payment information, only one payment per month will be deducted for the subscription.


With the UNLIMITED TANNING subscription, you can take a sunbed session for 100 kr. per visit. The number of minutes it corresponds to depends on the price of the sunbed you choose.


You may have selected more time than what is covered by the 100 kr. subscription OR

OR you are not logged in with a fingerprint, but with a username and password. OBS! One must log in with a fingerprint to use FRI SOL on subscription.

You have tanned within the past 40 hours. The payment screen indicates when you can tan again.

OR you have not activated your subscription

OR you have created multiple users and are logged in on a user without a subscription.


If the store has a promotional offer (e.g., 50% off), you can still take advantage of the offer, but only on the minutes you purchase IN ADDITION TO in addition to the 14 £ that your subscription covers. 


Contact Hotline to have your email address verified


If you have been in the process of paying for a booking or uploading funds to your account using a credit card, and the transaction was interrupted or took too long, a reservation may be placed on the amount. This reservation will be released. You can check the details of the reservation to see the expiration date. The amount has not been deducted and transferred to us, but is temporarily reserved on your account to ensure it cannot be used for other purposes.


Your bank has reserved 1 £ to check if there are sufficient funds in your account for the payment of your subscription. The reservation will disappear once the payment is completed.

The reservation will disappear once the payment is completed.


Your membership is only valid in the CLUBTAN store where it was created and does not apply to other CLUBTAN stores, as they have different owners.

If the system has difficulty reading your fingerprint, it may help to shade it from the sun to avoid scanning in backlighting. Alternatively, if you have dry hands, moisturizing your finger with a little AfterSun lotion from one of the cabins may help.

If it still does not work, call the Hotline while you are in the store.


No, you can definitely tan without a subscription, and you don't need to create a free user account either. However, having a user account gives you a minimum of 10% discount on each session.



The subscription can be terminated at any time with a notice of termination of the current month + 30 days due to Betalingsservice.

Select 'My CLUBTAN' in the burger menu in the top right corner of the screen.
• Log in (if you are not already logged in)
• Select ‘Subscription’
• Press 'Cancel Subscription'

The subscription is now canceled with the above notice of termination.


Go to CLUBTAN's Signup page and log in using your email address and the activation code you received during the subscription sign-up. If it was done in-store or if you no longer have the activation code, you can click "Forgot your password?" and you will receive the code via email.

You can now log in to cancel or update your payment information.


The subscription can be terminated at any time with a notice period of the current month plus 30 days.


There is no commitment. The subscription can be terminated at any time with the applicable notice period, which is the current month plus 30 days. This means that there will always be one more payment after the termination.


If you want to transfer your subscription to another CLUBTAN store, please contact customer service at Subscriptions that have already been terminated cannot be transferred.


If you were lucky enough to purchase your subscription at a discounted price, for example, 14 £ kr., please note that the offer price only applies for the remainder of the month of registration and the first full month. After that, you will pay the regular price of 24 £ per month.