At CLUBTAN you can subscribe for sun and save a lot of money!

If you do not yet  have a subscription, you can easily and quickly create one electronically at any CLUBTAN tanning studios. See all studios with UNLIMITED TANNING subscription.

You can pay with visa, visa electron, mastercard, mastercard debit and cash.

It’s free to make a user profile and afterwards you can choose to sign up for UNLIMITED TANNING subscription.

Should you have any questions regarding the subscription options, please feel free to contact us. But before you pick up the phone, please check our “Frequently Asked Questions” section below or read the subscription terms here.

The subscriptions covers sun for a value of £12.00
per treatment every 2nd day.

In the creation process the system attempts to create a Direct Debit Agreement, and if this fails, the system prompts you to update your information, so that it can be attempted again. Be aware that some types of accounts do not allow direct debit, for example if you are under 18 or are in the RKI register. If the payment can not be redrawn by direct debit the amount will instead be paid by the credit card.

If your credit card expires, the system prompts you automatically to update the card info after login.

If you’re already a member please login and click on the big “Low Cost” button in the right corner of the screen, where you choose a tanning cabin.

If had not been registered as a user yet, you will be automatically prompted when you sign up.

The subscription cannot be terminated until the 1, 3 or 6 months of binding period is over (depending on the subscription plan chosen). You can terminate subscription electronically via kiosk (on the booking machine).

It is done in the same screen on which one chooses a cabin, which is the first screen after login. Press the “edit profile” button and then press the subcribtion section. Remember the notice period is always the reminder of the current month plus 30 days.

You may have selected more than £12 OR,

You are not logged in with a fingerprint, but with the username and password instead. You must log in with a fingerprint using LOW COST OR,

You have already used your tanning limit within the last 48 hours. On top of the payment screen you can find information on when you can return.

Your user account is only valid in the studio is was created in, and is not valid in other studios.

On creation you pay for the rest of the month for the subscription to start immediately, thereafter the full months of the binding period follow.

The account number must contain 10 digits. If the back of your credit card has only for example 7 digits of your account number, insert 000 in front of the account number.