User/subscription terms

Any form of treatment is at your own risk. We recommend following the advisory times from skin type scanning. The advised time provided by the system is no guarantee that sunburn cannot occur. It is up to the individual user to use common sense when choosing the treatment time.

Rules and guidelines established by CLUBTAN must be followed, including instructions and corrections.
• You must at all times behave in a way that does not unduly bother others.
• You must always clean the solarium and cabin after use.
• No more than 1 person is allowed in each cabin.

Any violation of the rules of conduct will result in immediate expulsion and cancellation of membership.

CLUBTAN does not take responsibility for personal injuries to a user or guest resulting from accidents or actions/negligence of their own or other visitors.
Furthermore, Danish compensation law in the field is followed.

De afgivne oplysninger anvendes ved oprettelse af bruger/abonnement og opbevares strengt fortroligt. Brugeren er indforstået med, at der kan gøres brug af afgivne oplysninger i forbindelse med kommercielle markedsføringskampagner for CLUBTAN. Oplysningerne videregives ikke til 3. part. Du har ret til at få oplyst, hvilke personoplysninger, vi opbevarer om dig. Hvis de oplysninger, der opbevares om dig, er forkerte, har du ret til at få dette ændret. Henvendelse herom kan ske til post@clubtan.net. Læs den fulde cookie- og privatlivspolitik her: Cookie & Privacy Policy

Users and guests bring all valuables at their own risk.
CLUBTAN does not bear responsibility for loss in the case of forgotten items, theft of and/or damage to the property or valuables of users and guests.

Your user is ONLY valid in the CLUBTAN store in which it was created. When booking with a user, you can pay with cash or credit card.

Users must be registered during each visit. This is done by scanning the user's biometric fingertip topology (fingerprint). If a user, for various reasons, cannot log in using this print, registration can take place using a personal code, which is sent via SMS. Logging in with a personal code does not provide access to UNLIMITED TANNING subscription.

The subscription is only valid in the store it is created for. UNLIMITED TANNING implies that you can use the solarium up to a value of 14 EUR with a minimum interval of 40 hours. The subscription is personal and may not be used by anyone other than the member themselves, and login is required with a fingerprint.

For the payment of your UNLIMITED TANNING subscription, the following amount will be paid when it is set up:
• Payment for the rest of the month (if the subscription is created on September 20th, payment is required for the last 10 days up to September 30th).
• Thereafter 24 EUR per month.
• If lotion is chosen as an addition, 3 EUR will be added to the monthly payment.

When signing up for your UNLIMITED TANNING subscription in the shop, you immediately pay for the remaining days of the month by credit/bank card at the kiosk. If you have signed up for your subscription online, the remaining days of the month will be paid via SEPA Direct Debit. This is to ensure that the subscription starts immediately after signup.
CLUBTAN reserves the right to change the price of your subscription with a 30 days' notice. Price changes are communicated via email or SMS. By accepting these terms and conditions of the UNLIMITED TANNNIG subscription, you authorise CLUBTAN (i.e. Unicore Development ApS in Denmark) to perform recurrent payments from your bank account via SEPA Direct Debit. These recurring SEPA Direct Debit payments will be withdrawn monthly on the first day of each month. As part of your rights, you are entitled to a refund from your bank under the terms and conditions of your agreement with your bank. A refund must be claimed within 8 weeks starting from the date on which your account was debited. Your rights are explained in a statement that you can obtain from your bank.

The subscription has no commitment period beyond the notice period.
The subscription continues until it is cancelled with the applicable notice period of the current month + 30 days. It is not possible, regardless of the reason, to receive a partial or total refund for prepaid subscriptions.

The subscription can be canceled at any time with a notice of the current month + 30 days. The cancellation must be done via the booking machine, where cancellation of the subscription occurs by activating the 'Stop UNLIMITED TANNING' button under the 'Subscription' section, which you can find under 'My CLUBTAN'.
Once the cancellation takes effect, all data regarding bank account and social security number will be deleted from the system. Subscriptions can also be cancelled online HERE after logging in with email and activation code. If you are missing an activation code, then press 'Forgot code'.

Upon setting up the 'UNLIMITED TANNING' subscription, the subscriber confirms that they are of legal age or have parental/guardian approval to enter into a subscription agreement. The subscription agreement is concluded with the legal entity that owns the local CLUBTAN shop in which the subscription is activated. The collection of the subscription payment takes place via CLUBTAN's head office's joint payment system, which is administered by CLUBTAN's head office. Since the subscription is a service that can be used immediately, the right of withdrawal is forfeited, and the subscription continues until it is terminated in accordance with the above. It is always the responsibility of the subscriber to ensure that a valid bank account and payment card are linked to the agreement; if it is not possible to draw payment, either through Payment Service or credit card, the subscription becomes inactive until the payment is processed.
The subscription will continue to be binding until it is cancelled and expired. In the case of invalid card or account details, as well as in the case of a failed creation of a direct debit agreement, the system will automatically request an update of the bank account or payment card immediately after login.

The receipt for payment can be found in the balance overview, which is located under 'My CLUBTAN'.