CLUBTAN’s history

A success story

The Sun is the Earth’s star. The energy emitted by the Sun is the cause of life on Earth, and of our existence, in general.

The miracle of life

We do not think about it for a day. But life on Earth happens due to a miracle of great dimensions. We know little about the space, but we do know that it is big, dark and very cold.

The sun is the Earth battery

The Earth is our solar system’s miracle. Life developed slowly, as the Moon helped to stabilize the Earth in its position for many years.

Our distance from the Sun means that sunlight can fill us up with energy and planetary indispensable water acting liquid. The Sun is simply the basis for all life on our planet.

The first center

Peter Laursen did not think about any of it, when he decided decided to start a tanning salon on Noerregade in Grenaa in 1995. But he had made the observation that people were happier when they had a healthy tan. It seemed that there was a direct link between mood and suntan. He was right.

For most creatures, light creates activity and virility, while dark contributes to inactivity and passivity. For the past years, the health system utilised this knowledge, and today both physical and mental disorders are being treated with light therapy.

Towards a chain

Sun centres in Grenaa grew and with the expansion it was becoming evident that Peter had an unconventional idea.
Instead of just opening tanning salons to satisfy the leasing terms, he developed standards and regulations which ensured a uniformity and high standard.

With the demands in aesthetics and hygiene growing higher, his centers soon won the reputation as the most attractive. Suddenly inquiries from business people, who wanted to be a part of the concept, started flooding in from all over the country, and soon afterwards the first franchises were opened.

Seriousness and shades

CLUBTAN is the first in Denmark to develop and launch a skin type scanner. Each day it helps clients to tan more efficiently and with greater care. Application of tan optimising cream is also offered. Before a tanning session you can choose to apply tan accelerator, which allows skin to produce more pigment, and this in turn makes minutes in the sun more resultful.

After a TANNING SESSION an Aloe Vera-based cream is offered free of charge. It provides deep hydration and a tan with a smoother effect and longer lasting glow. Peter has been responsible for the development of these creams. It has at times made him the most creamed man in Denmark.

Self service but monitored

Application of continuous strict control over design, hygiene and lamp replacement explains how CLUBTAN gathered large and loyal clientele. The ambition today is to continue to develop ideas and products, which can preserve and increase CLUBTAN’s innovative and aesthetic edge.

One of such innovations is the AIRSHOWER system. It is a cooling air column, which is installed in all tanning cabins. It provides cooling after a tanning session.

2007 marked a new era for CLUBTAN with the opening of center no. 100 in Esbjerg. Today, the number of CLUBTAN Sun & Wellness studios are growing across Europe.